Nukiesoft, the software engineering services, believes, practices and evangelizes the practice of the software engineering principles and best practices. Our adopted process framework, and our conviction on quality based our own software development experience, enables us to deliver the best to our customers. While software engineering has been around for decades, its adoption leading to business success through improved quality and predictability has been, by and large, a mirage. Software is essentially a construction in mind and, a collective one at that, with many stakeholders of varying interests and skills. Applying the engineering principles is more of continuous refinements of an adaptive process rather than adoption of a prescriptive process .Nukiesoft, with its wealth of acquired knowledge and more than a decade of experience, has specialized in transitioning itself and its customers into sound software engineering practices without undue documentation and technology overheads. We are the only IT Consultancy Managament, Desgn and Development, Software as Services (SaaS) and Cloud Application Solutions.


Nukiesoft Purchasing Management System (nukiePCH) is designed as an integrated management system for optimizing and control of all procurement processes using Information Technology (IT) solutions.

NukiePCH application is software solution built to effectively and efficiently manage all procurement processes of companies and organizations, the system manages all vendor and order related data and to control all procurement process activities to enable project done with optimum results . For management overview the system is facilitated with a dashboard display both on graphical and numbers presentation of various data related to procurement process and tracking every detail and status etc.

Details report and analysis data in both graphical and numbers are also available for other functional modules, such as user transaction data, Visitor Data etc. NukiePCH procurement lifecycle management application is designed to suite all procurement process related to companies or organizations that meets most of these requirements.

The e-procurement capabilities of the NukiePCH for B2B solution portfolio provide a fully integrated, comprehensive solution for Internet-based electronic procurement enabling the company or organizations to streamline processes, reduce costs, spotlight spending patterns, and more effectively negotiate and collaborate with suppliers/vendors. Supporting the reengineering of today’s companies and organizations through improved processes and automated workflows, NukiePCH e procurement system helps you find the new value and procure new efficiencies throughout the purchasing life cycle.

NukiePCH is the Solutions

Traditional systems are insufficient to handle these unprecedented challenges. Organizations need solutions that can eliminate the inefficiencies of traditional procurement processes, find new sources of value, and slash procurement expenses.

Technology that integrates the entire procurement process into overall project plan and procurement management structure, providing transparency throughout all procurement processes, systems that take full advantage of the purchasing power of companies and organizations, meeting the challenges of increased competition and global markets.

The choice for company and organization having high volume of procurement transaction is clear: the need for e-procurement capabilities that provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for both ad hoc and strategic procurement. The e-procurement capabilities of NUKIEPROC support electronic buying and requisitioning and automate business transactions over the Internet. With NUKIEPROC, you gain a strategic e-management framework along with a highly transparent, streamlined, and integrated purchasing process that can increase your procurement efficiencies, spotlight new sources of value, and enhance decision making about suppliers, products, and contracts.

High volume of procurement process and transaction at most of the companies or organizations is really as complicated process and the management needs to track every step of these processes accurately. NUKIEPROC focus on the development of quality and time to delivery software solution for procurement management, combined with an innovative core workflow framework using industry standard components such as Microsoft Windows Workflow as our middleware built around a web based framework. Our off the shelf workflow solutions, can be quickly configured and customized and implement workflow solutions that automate & speed up your business processes. We provide our customers with competitive advantage through quicker time to market and time savings through streamlined automated process.

Traditional Workflow solutions are expensive to deploy and cumbersome to manage. NUKIEPROC provides web based solution that helps you of the need to purchase hardware, upgrade environments and install software. NUKIEPROC have innovated and built a core web workflow frame work that is highly configurable. We have implemented several workflow-based applications using our core platform and using agile development processes to map our customer requirements that are delivered on a hosted or software service model. We have over 20 years experience in business process mapping for the entire industries value chain that can manage complex business lifecycles.

Our order and procurement management solution provides the flexibility of workflow fulfillment, provisioning integrated with vendor facing order management all on the web 24x7 working time. NUKIEPROC Order Management and Procurement solutions have helped the companies and organization to provide dedicated branded order channels online to vendor, Integrate fulfillment, provisioning capabilities through workflow process management.

Provide transparency of the order provisioning process, to all stakeholders and reduce disputes, Control costs and optimize resources through multiple provisioning process requirements for each product type, enable the order processes with a Webenabled system.

Provides all detailed information of vendor order data, monitoring of all progress details, provide online ordering channel when the system is connected though the internet. The module manage vendor data, vendor contact data and any related vendor document management system, and handles ordering process including request for quotation (RFQ) to vendor, vendor quotation, order to vendor, bid evaluation, quote negotiation, provisioning and acceptance, as well as invoice and payment tracking. When integrated with SMS gateway system, the system also provides function to deliver SMS message directly to the vendor contact data in line with all procurement process.

NukiePCH Functional Objective

Combining more than 20 years of IT experience with the boundless potential of the Internet, We understand how to modernize your procurement operations. It’s the power of integrated solutions – procuring new efficiencies throughout your organization.

Powerful Solutions that Boost Purchasing Efficiency

The e-procurement capabilities in NukiePCH provide the only complete and integrated solution with end-to-end support for all purchasing activities in B2B sector.

The e-procurement functions in NUKIEPROC significantly increase your purchasing efficiency by lowering costs, revealing new sources of value, and enabling you to meet the challenges of increased competition.

You can procure both direct and indirect goods using the same e-procurement solution. Automated purchase-order generation and mobile access to all data and applications is available through devices such as laptops.

Key processes for e-procurement with NUKIEPROC include:

• Self-service procurement enables procurement staff using online procurement processing support and execution support of component planning for projects.

• Plan-driven procurement empowers the professional procurement, and it integrates with project planning and budgetary.

• Centralized contract management supports national and global purchasing activities, helping you manage strategic suppliers across geographic entities (such as counties or cities) or organizational strata (such as departments or groups). You can use bidding and reverse auctions to drive down costs on commodity items.

• Purchasing analytics provides extensive reporting capabilities to allow purchasers and managers to perform both operational and strategic analyses. By monitoring vendors and Vendor Management And eProcurement System procurement trends, allowing analysis of contracts, and providing comparisons among vendors for specific items and prices, these functions help you negotiate more effectively and collaborate with suppliers as well as make timely adjustments based on buying behaviors.

• Project Plan and Budget Integration – Because of integration among procurement and back-office applications such as budget execution, you can earmark funds for specific purchases. When your buyer makes a purchase, the system checks the budget to ensure that funds are available for this item – preventing budget overruns – and updates the budget with the new expenditure.

• Role-based approval and release – You can tie procurement-related approvals and releases to organizational roles and automate the review and sign-off processes. The process considers all required legal provisions and administrative regulations. You can accelerate approvals and releases using integration-specific workflow processes.

• Decreased errors, increased savings – In addition to generating savings with the basic eprocurement functionality, vendor evaluation and selection, outline agreements, and price comparisons, for example, can be standardized using foundation documents and processes, reducing workload, decreasing errors, and improving data consistency.

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